Member of CRIME? Join our Slack team!

Slack CMYK

We’ve created a CRIME Slack team to replace the Yahoo group for internal communication and polling.  Slack is great for group communication in channels, for direct messaging other Criminals, for document sharing and for searching (Slack is actually an acronym for Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge).

If you are not a frequent user of Slack for your work, have no fear!  Once you’ve joined, Slack will e-mail you if there are updates that you have missed.  You can also use an e-mail address to post to Slack if you prefer.

Everyone in the Yahoo group has been sent an invitation to the team.  If you can’t find your invitation please:

  1. to go
  2. click “Get Started”
  3. click “Join an existing team”
  4. enter your e-mail address and “Confirm”
  5. check your e-mail and follow the prompts

If you are new to CRIME, then please use our contact form to request a new invitation!

Download the MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android apps!

We’ve established the following channels.  To join a channel click “CHANNELS”.

  • #general (default channel, for announcements and polls)
  • #help (looking for advice?  have a question?)
  • #consortium
  • #jobs
  • #random (another default channel)

Feel free and add more channels by clicking the “+” button next to “CHANNELS”.

Instructions for polling and posting via e-mail are pinned at the top of #general.

If you have questions about Slack please see the Slack support page.



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